Starting a hotel business on HS! (Take 2)



Hi guys! This is a take 2 of

If you are the first person to book a room, you will get a special deluxe room!

a deluxe room will have
• A lounge
• Room service leaves small gifts
• VIP access to the spa
• A small restaurant

On SUPER special occasions, you can ask for a suite
a suite will have
• VIP part in the spa
• A mini restaurant
• A Lounge
• Room service leaves bigger gifts
• A patio with a great view
• A vending machine that is IN your room

We also might have deluxe rooms on special occasions.

Do you want to work here? feel free to ask!


This is not a copy of the hopscotch hotel and I did ask permission form the owner of the hopscotch hotel
Also you can not publish anything without our permission
The main hotel account is: The Hopscotch'in Hotel
Ask for password

Waiting list:
@KawaiiRose deluxe
@background_inc deluxe
@Silverdolphin suite

Waiting to check in list:


Looks cool!


How does this work really?


We make an account for each room, and one main account for the whole hotel!
I just need to remember the password


How is there a spa and vending machine


I like the idea! Is there a way that I could become a helper or are all of those spots already filled?

  1. @Mr.rex I will code it
  2. Yes, @WynterDiamond you can help out
  3. I'm putting the first post on global edit so plz don't edit without my permission


Okay, thanks! What should I do first, if anything?


Can a worker get a room? I think I don't wanna work anymore anyways.


Can I book a room?


@KawaiiRose yes you don't have to be a worker anymore, I will give you and @background_inc get a deluxe room.


I will make a new hotel account and you can help code, and prepare rooms with the list on the first post.


Okay. I will get on it as soon as possible :wink:


Thank you so much!


Let's do this again, but maybe have it a little more involved with the forum


Okay! What can I do?


I don't know yet


Can I work here???


Ok I'll add you to the list


Yay! :3
Can I work at the front desk?