Starter Projects


Oh, okay :joy:
I have published it with the typo, too...


This is the starter project I've been working on. Do you think it needs to be more interesting/ colourful?


I nominate @CatWithABrush's "Hopscotch Playground!"


I think that is an awesome idea :smiley: very helpful for showing the different styles of pixel art you can do! It looks great to me :smile:


Here's the published version:


This is great! :DDDD


This might be cool to have for a Starter Project


Wow that's a really cool effect! :open_mouth: Would you like to make a starter project version of it? If so, I can give ideas :blush:

just in case, these are ideas in general

The main idea is, the quicker someone can work out what each part is responsible for in the code, the quicker it is to understand what's going on, and even try to add something new!

  • you could try to place objects in the positions that they appear when the project is played (personally I find it easier to work out where the code for everything is this way too)

  • name objects with the purpose for which they were used when played.

    • from your code, I saw the name Text Visor and I knew immediately what that was for! And I could immediately tell where to change the display text :smile:

    • It took me a bit longer to realise, but I then saw that the Corner objects were actually being used as arrows afterwards, and I had to look a bit further to work out what the circles and triangles were for — eyes, head and head outline, and body and body outline.

  • you can separate or 'headline' parts of your code with abilities

This is just if you would like to though! I thought about suggesting these ideas to you first, because I think it's a really interesting lesson on code readability if you would like to try yourself too :smile:

Edit: actually I just did a remix too :blush:


Oh yeah! I had been doing that in a new project I was making, it is much easier to find stuff and figure out what is what.

Thanks! I'm glad you like the idea! Yeah, I wanted to see what you thought about it, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:




My spleeeeeeen!

It was meant to be "been" whoops, thanks for catching that :joy:


What would be awesome is to have a math tutorial or something (I see you are doing math challenges!). A math tutorial collab would be great where we could make sandboxes for people to explore in


Wow! Thanks @t1_hopscotch
I just noticed you featured my project on the "starter projects" thank you so much!! :blush:


Hey @t1_hopscotch do the starter projects have to be newly published?

I thought something like this might be eligible, but it's almost 50 weeks old...
people seemed to enjoy it then :smiley: but maybe it's too old/too Liked already?


Hi KVJ :smile: No they don’t have to be newly published; there is definitely a lot of great stuff published a long time ago too!


Great, thanks for the info!

Also wow i saw my project there! Thanks!!


Congrats senpai @KVJ! :DDDDD


Thanks :wink:


You can nominate starter projects here – we’d love to see more of them! The only thing with starter projects is that the instructions need to be really clear and concise (you’re always welcome to post a starter project again after re-editing it)


I saw a project on Anaemojis in the Starter Projects section, so I thought that this might be cool, too: