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Hi there, we were thinking about opening up starter projects for community contribution :smile: I’d gladly welcome more starter projects, if anything!


Let's just look at a few ideas first. Remixing has been an important part of Hopscotch.

From Hopscotch’s blog: Build Responsibly (it is from a while back but it has relevant general ideas):

  • **Branching is a generative action for the community**. With branching, the end of one person’s project is the beginning for someone else, so this cycle of creation and play can continue to build on itself indefinitely. Liking, while a positive reinforcement for the author, doesn’t have the same rich and productive benefit for the community.
  • **Branching [...] typically requires more effort on the part of the brancher**. If you’re branching a project, it’s likely you want to look “under the hood” and learn from the code or you want to share your ideas and add to the project.
  • [...] competition reduced collaboration, one of the most effective and fun ways to learn.
  • (I am just providing this as ideas for reflection :blush:)

    If you are interested in more, here is some from another community, but it captures the same fundamental ideas

    Creator’s Code on Paper:

    Great creative environments don’t happen by accident. They’re a mix of the people that inhabit them, and the structure of the place where those people gather. They’re the open mic night where newbies take the stage right after practiced masters. We want to make a place where you feel safe standing where you are, but are also inspired and encouraged to go somewhere you’ve never been.


    • Have humility. Paper is a place where someone who joined yesterday can remix the works of masters. The best artists understand that they always have something to learn.
    • Start conversations. We don’t want Paper just to be a gallery where you can’t touch anything. Paper is a place for conversation. Instead of thinking “What can I make to blow everyone away?” try “What would make a bunch of people inspired to remix me?”


    A concern I was reflecting on myself was that I was finding myself looking less behind the scenes for projects :cry: and yet I learnt so so much from doing this when I first came onto Hopscotch.

    We voted in polls on project interaction and this is one example:

    View poll

    (It is not about people in particular or anything in the least — I am just showing the results of a poll. Feel free to go and vote in it by the way.)


    Now with that said, people have expressed interest in making starter projects :smile: I stress that we might not be able to get to look at everything.

    If you are interested in creating a starter project, the starter project should

    • Have simple directions to prompt the Hopscotcher
    • Have code that and clear to follow through and understand
    • Be open-ended: there are a number directions in which you can take the project
    • Be fun to play and remix :blush:
    I think in addition, it would be nice if:
    • the project also stands on its own
    • the project’s code is set out in a way that makes sense: Will other people be able to work out what is going on in the code clearly? Do the variable names and object names describe what they’re used for?
    • If I want to change code for the main character, I might expect to look in the main character’s code for example.
    • I find it easier to look for code when the objects are in the same place as they are on the screen, just of the association with position (I don’t have to go looking for the object) but may just be personal
    This seems to be expanding into making your code easier for others to read, a large focus of coding actually :)

    Hmm I wish these were friendlier terms, but this is from a programming book:

    Write Programs for People First, Computers Second

    The computer doesn’t care whether your code is readable. It’s better at reading binary machine instructions than it is at reading high-level language statements. You write readable code because it helps other people to read your code.

    Readable code doesn’t take any longer to write than confusing code does, at least not in the long run. It’s easier to be sure your code works if you easily read what you wrote. […] But code is also read during reviews. It’s read when you or someone else fixes an error. It’s read when the code is modified [and] when someone tries to use part of your code in a similar program.

    Making code readable is […] part of the development process, and favoring write-time convenience over read-time convenience is a false economy. […] go to the effort of writing good code, which you can do once, rather than the effort of reading bad code, which you’d have to do again and again.

    Not the main focus of this though :blush:


    Edit in some ideas! These are free to use and free to make :blush:

    • the start of a movie, but you remix your own ending
    • Design your own card
    • Design your own t-shirt (we previously had one of these actually)
    • ‘Welcome, my Hopscotch username is’ template
    • Home screen for a game
    • Website Templates
    • Mini Arcade Template with games
    • A Website with a mini arcade in it

    This also correlates a lot to @Rawrbear’s Idea List of Doom! We created a ton of ideas for projects, so feel free to check it out here.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who’s been interested — it was more than I could have expected :smile:


    Nicley explained
    Took me a long time to read :wink:


    I can’t wait to start my starter project! Great topic and I’ll be publishing some starter projects soon!


    I made this:

    But I’m not sure if it’s good enough to be on the starter projects tab, bc I’m not sure if the code is explained well and easy to follow.


    I think that both this topic and this tab is really good. Beginners will have a better opportunity to find projects that can teach you about coding. You already putted one of my projects on the starter projects tab and I am super happy about it, but I think that I could make more templates. I think that this will do so more experienced hopscotchers teaches new ones how to code and gives them good bases to build their awesome projects. Amazing!


    Woah! Your posts are truly incredible! You need to make a blog posting or something about the future of Hopscotch, you have a ton of ideas!

    Maybe another idea for, “Starter Projects” would be: Websites, Mini Arcades, Mini Arcades in websites! Yes! Sounds like a plan!


    Wow thank you a lot for adding those ideas!! :smile:


    @t1_hopscotch Idk, I made a little game template, do you like it?


    @t1_hopscotch, sorry this is off topic but I believe that with the new update Minecraft parkpur doesn’t work.
    Could there be any solutions to this?
    A. I feel like there was no point making this game
    B. What’s the point of it
    C. My best game is a dogs breakfast😡

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    This is a quick project I made for starter projects.

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    Thanks so much @t1_hopscotch for putting me in Starter Projects. :slight_smile: <aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-;-;/; why should iiiiiiii >


    By the way, @Intellection74 kind of nominated my project “Color the World” in BlastFusion’s topic!
    Color the World! by Da Magical Fridge


    I think that I’ll try to do something!
    I’m thinking about a “Hopscotch playground”, where you have some characters, go to their code, select some custom blocks made by me, or add your own. Then you can see the characters move, spin, etc. I’m not sure if this is not too easy.


    Hi @t1_hopscotch! I have finished my project!


    Wow this is awesome :open_mouth: thank you a lot!! Hmm I think the text might be a bit long for initial reading :thinking: do you think we could shorten it to just ‘tap Edit in the top right corner’ and ‘Tap each character to add code. Try making it animate or dance!’


    Oh, sure! Sorry!


    No don’t worry — sorry I just give feedback if anyone wants any because sometimes people ask :smile:


    Ok, thanks! Can I just copy the text you gave me?


    Here’s the new version! It’s much better with the short text.


    Wow thank you! Now I realised I made a typo :joy: and that’s totally okay with the text — let me just fix it.

    • Tap the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner to change this project!
    • You can tap each character to change its code. Try making it animate or dance!

    I won’t be able to check on it in the app yet though, but thanks a lot again :smile: