Start Won’t Work

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iPad six generation
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I was coding a project and the ‘start’ thing in my project won’t work I have tapped it a thousand times.
Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

2.ummmmmm see my project?

I expected this to happen:
Start the game
But instead this happened:
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
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Someone help me?

What’s going on I can’t tap ‘start’

if you could post a link with a space somewhere in between it, that’d be great

I need a link, sorry ):

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by the way i doubt this is a bug with hopscotch, that’s why I moved the category

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Ok should it be a screenshot or a video

post a link and put a space between the / and p so it would look like p/(uuid)

or just publish it and tell the project name

Ooh ok thanks

Project name is Cave-A Platformer BETA.

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you have invisible objects in front of the start button, change its z index to 5


does that work?

Wait let me check…

Nope :frowning: it doesn’t

I put set index to the start or the invidsible thing

no do it to the actual start button

Oh ok thanks very much

no problem

So close this or


@leaders clive