Start to Finish: Your 1st Project vs. Your Most Recent



I have a habit to scroll all the way down of famous Hops to see there first project. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come. Here’s my first project vs. one of most recent. Please post pictures of how far you’ve come too!

My first project on Panda Studios (I was AwesomezPanda back then)

One of my most recent projects (published on featured, called “House Designer 2”)


Looks interesting


I remember seeing that in the featured section. It looked really cool


Therere a couple of similar topics where you can see how much some people changed:



I can’t find my first project. It’s hours down


My first one

And one of my latest projects


Your first project looks really good for a first project. Actually it looks good as just a normal project too. I am pretty impressed.


ooh! this is cool!

hehh, my first project was a fuzzy pad thingy

we don’t look back


Hi guys!

Thank you @theCMStudios for complementing my House Designer 2! You made my day :blush:

And unfortunately, @KVJ, the link did not work :confused:

And @HopscotchRemixer, if you were talking to ME that you thought my first project was good, I must admit that it was not my first bc I started on a separate account called PandyKat (you can still view it), which I shared with my sister. I made it before Hopscotch had multiple accounts on one device. Then, when multiple accounts came, we got locked out.


That isn’t an excuse, it is still an amazing project! It doesn’t matter if it was made in another account, even with your sister!


Aw, you are so kind! You made my day :hugs:


Weird. Try clicking on it then click the search button to refresh the search.


Oooh yea!

It finally worked.

(The link)


dont try to do it for me


I think the difference is amazing. The amount you have grown and learn on Hopscotch through tutorials and other things is tremendous. Good job and keep coding!!