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Hi! this is StarSwan’s account on the Hopscotch forum!


Hello, and welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum!

There are lots of fun things to do on here! To check out the latest conversations, click the latest tab!

Things to remember!

Always be nice - no one likes being treated badly! Treat people the way you would wanna be treated!

Don’t start flamewars - This one’s obvious, but don’t start flamewars. Flamewars are basically HUGE arguments in topics!

Don’t tag too much - people don’t really like it when their constantly tagged! You can tag people every once in a while, but not every post! :wink:

Ask for help when you need it - Don’t keep wondering if your program will stink! Ask for help!

The trust levels!

@trust_level_0/New User - The starting level for everyone.

@trust_level_1/Basic - This one you will get quick, it gives you basic features for everything!

@trust_level_2/Member - Not much of a difference, but a couple new features! It unlocks after being on for a few day.

@trust_level_3/Regular - This one’s a hard to get! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts, but this proves your a real hopscotcher once you get it!

@trust_level_4/Leader - Only staff can have this right now. (Users used to be able to get leader, but not anymore.)

P.S. you can tag me any time!


Hello and welcome to the forum @StarSwan! Feel free to write like this @William04GamerA if you need any help and I will make sure to help you!




It's a delight to have new forumers come! To get started, browse through some of the topics that have already been created to see what the forum is all about.

Things to remember about topics

Since you've made this topic, you know how to create a topic -- that's good news! Creating topics gives you the power to ask questions about coding! You can also make clubs and collaborations, and get feedback or help with your projects. There *are* guidelines for making topics, though -- here are the main ones, to set you in the right direction.
  • Always make topics relating to
    *or hopscotch
  • If you like to get input on your projects, consider making a topic specifically for that, versus making a new topic each time that you want to get suggestions
  • SBYP, or search before you post. Sometimes when you have a question, it has already been answered! Try searching through topics by clicking the :mag: icon up at the top of the page.

How to be a helpful Hopscotcher

When you are on other people's topics -- whether you are helping them out or simply chatting with others (or even learning from others), remember to always be cordial and kind. Even if someone disagrees with you, be respectful of their opinion, and discuss civilly, not irrationally or heatedly. Also, remember to keep your discussion on-topic -- if you're in a coding collaboration, remember to only discuss that coding collaboration, not anything else. Same goes for any other topic.

Places to go when you don't have any ideas for what to code

Sometimes, no matter how great a coder you are, you just don't have any ideas of *what* to make! In that case, check out these links.

Rawrbear’s list is an impressively long source of inspiration!

My list is one that anyone can add to – it’s constantly changing.
This is Work_kids_coding’s topic of creativity – it has a lot of fun things other than coding ideas!

Forum abbreviations

  • OMTL: Official Mass Tag List
  • THT: The Hopscotch Team
  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • RN: Right Now
  • IRL: In Real Life


Happy Birthday @StarSwan!! :cake::birthday::gift::confetti_ball::balloon::tada:!!


‘Scuse me? Huh?

It’s not my bday


Oh… it said it was your birthday in the cake day tab…


I don’t post my actual birthday online caus, y’know, stalkers. But I appreciate you taking the time to say happy birthday to the people who actually have their b-days!