StarSwan April 2018 ‘drama’ topic (Requested by STVH)


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Yeah 2028


Anyway, please explain in detail what happened.


ooh, im intrigued.


And it was all pended

I took forever writing that



Maybe summarize while we wait?


StarSwan left after person say mean words
People ha te on person say mean words
StarSwan forgives and comes back and be a normal hopscotcher
Anno ying hopscotcher won’t stop remixing her projects after asking like 82837382993883 times
She yells at them and everyone starts ha ting and I try to help but end up getting mad and telling someone to le ave


Why? I think StarSwan left


Yup…do you like her? Just a question!
Edit: as a friend!


I like StarSwan?



Is this what resulted in the eleven other casualties?




I know your there @Artistic_cat


In chronological order who left and what was the cause?


I open this up and the NEVER GONNA GET YOU UP song starts playing?

The tag at the main post?


oh uh, did you need something?


everyone left


Nope you just like really fast


Ummm idk exactly

One of them was a joke

Another one was from the StarSwan deal


oh ok then