StarryDream And Cash Discussion Topic


@starrydream because I closed yours


Why are you making someone else's general topic?


Because i closed their general topix


Can we talk?
But please don't use profanity, I don't wanna keep making topiks… :grinning:


Why did you even wanna talk


WELL I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE isn't that surprising???


Why did you called me a female dog? Dogs are cuties, but me hooman no canine… :sweat_smile:
What have I said that offended you?


If your re-making somebody else's topic, why wouldn't you call it their topic take too or something of that sort. The title doesn't have anything to do with what the topic is about.


I called someone else a female dog that can have babies


Um, well…
Can you tell me about the past Starry and the present Starry?


When I met you you you were transphobic homophobic mean rude bossy and sassy
Then we became friends a while after and you were really nice and amazing
EN you turned to your old self again a few days ago


Full explanation please?


I'm not giving you a full explanation because you take longer to reply enough


Let me tell you something about what I think of you.

When we first met, you were the person who rages, yells at people, and starts arguments. I strongly disliked you. But I felt like you changed a bit after that your 3(or 4) weeks suspension.

But I thought you did not change during that incident that got your first account banned.

We became friend during the KayKay period. You were more kind, understanding, and…

Things went downhills when you were using WitnessTheLitness. We were OK when you started using it, but during the late Witness, I changed my opinion on you.


Um...hi? @Cash, I love your profile pic!


Guys, I know you're being pretty calm, so try to stay like that :) Sorry for butting in, I hope I'm not being annoying ^^


Me calm…
Meeeeeeeeeee caaaaaaaaaaalm…


Yass. Now stay laik dat, k?


And what's that gonna change


Nothing, man