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How important is pixel text to you in Dashing Ninja 2? (All of the text is pixelated)

1 = Don’t mind 5 = I want it but its not a big deal 10 = I NEED IT!
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Hello everybody! I will be taking a break from the HS app. I will be active on the forum but will stop coding.

  • Growing my games on Hopscotch has become super hard for me. The curation tabs have gone inactive for months because of shifts in THT and its hard for me to spend lots of time on a game for not many people to see it. I understand why the curation tabs are paused, but I hope everyone also understands why this is such a deal breaker for me. I say this with respect to THT still being able to make changes to the app and forum especially after my meeting with YuanYuan (since I got notice on why stuff like this has been happening) which makes it totally understandable.

  • I just need to take a break. So many things are happening and I need to slow down my pace a little to rest. Yes this is really short but im not making a sob story on why you need to feel bad for me haha

Please respect my decision and I will become active when the curation tabs are. This could take a week or a month idk but we’ll just have to see! If I do have a lot of time on my hands maybe ill code and come back!

Thank you THT for making this the best place possible, I know you’re trying your best and trust me I understand that its really hard when you have such a small amount of people.


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100% understand this, you deserve it. you’ve made amazing games this year, enjoy the break!


I 100% understand, you work really hard on your games, and you are now also a leader! I’m also taking a HS break at the moment!

Enjoy the break : )


heh heh so am i.. /j


You’re an amazing creator and deserve a break for sure.
I hope you gain some perspective and gather yourself as you see fit, and bring fresh games and ideas back to Hopscotch.

You truly work hard on your games and it shows in all the details we all see in your content.

Hope to see you back when your ready.


Welcome back!


Thank you very much :))


Have a good break starlight! I totally understand when you need a break :+1:t4:


I’m a little late but that’s actually crazy! It’s in Chinese too which is awesome. I don’t know Chinese but I’m sure your game will be helpful to people who are chinese



Create a beautiful and unique Bonsai!

I know you’re probably wondering if I’m still on break, and the answer is kinda as I got really bored and popped out this but I’m not really working on anything major.

The game isn’t super crazy but it only took a couple hours and tbh I didn’t think I could make it
work, I tried adding more cool tools but the game needed up lagging terribly when I added them. Also simple games are cool too imo

Swipe up to watch your bonsai grow, and then use the scissors tool to trim your bonsai to make it look beautiful! It’s completely randomized which means it can grow in any direction it wants to! The leaf color is also randomized! I hope you love creating bonsai trees as much as I do!

If I want to really badly I could turn this into a bigger project where you actually grow the bonsai yourself creating it how you want it but thats a big thing so idk and also saving your bonsai would be a nightmare I just wanted something fun to make because a big reason why I’m on break is because these big projects get me frustrated

version blossom1.0

Play it here! (no filter bc… no images :scream: :scream: :scream: )


Tags; @Limon @ClownPig @MarkerGames @rAyyy @KingGuin87 @moocow @C.H.Rissole @Bluvi @Dragongirl1264 @braynee202 @Keeganlightning123 @Kool_Sloth @SophieBean @Cutelittlekittycat @Alboy


@StarlightStudios i may have cheated…

dashing ninja 2 looks good so far at least!

Yeah i got past the redirect


How did you get in there? For me it’s still in the filter, or it wouldn’t go to the project card…

And it also doesn’t show the project even if I go to your profile! @StarlightStudios


IK, but the only thing it does is ‘spamloading’ to Chopping Crazy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m glad you like it but please don’t try to get past it, I can’t really do any other way

Yes because you aren’t supposed to play it


ok what does everyone think abt this game? do you all like it or no


it’s filtered


What it doesn’t even have images or anything… I’ll see if there was a bad word somehow or remove abbreviations


yeah. does it have the seed block?


no it doesn’t