StarKid's General Topic! + Mini Contest



Hi, Guys i am StarKid if you do not know me Yeah I am StarKid i am working on some Incredible backgrounds and cute drawings for you guys:) how awesome is that?!? anyway here are some polls to do :3

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things like that never work it's so annoying
but anyway here you can ask me question's, or whatever

also about, the contest you have to post a project involved with sun, sunglasses or flip flops.

Post AWAY!


Hi! I feel like I know you... I just can't put my finger on it lol.

But still, hello!!!!

I have no questions XD


Hi!! @Bubbles4Ever929!!



How r u?


Super Good:)



Thank you for that second tag :DD


:D Awesome!!!1!1!!1!1!

Have fun! Bye.

Or not >:D


Your Welcome!




Wait me has question

Did you draw your profile pic?

Or did you get it online?


@Bubbles4Ever929 i am looking for it!!


Anyone has questions?:slight_smile:


Hey @StarKid is that your face in your profile picture? If it is that's dangerous, your not allowed to share your face :DD
Sorry if it's not :DD


No it's not my face. It's MattyB's Face.


Ok, gr8!



Any Questions? :question:


Your pro pic tho.....


What about It?




Ok I pretty much know what your saying