Star Wars game?



Hello! :D

I am planning on creating a Star Wars game, and i’d like to what kind of game you want.
Please leave a suggestion, and i’ll create a poll when I have some good suggestions.

I’ll also use this topic to post progress and ask for opinions on different features.

Also, please do not use the OMTL!


Hmm.... I'll think. :thinking:


Mabye try a game where you're Santa yoda? Idk you probably don't have enough time for that.


A cool idea would be to make a character and then make them try to get rid of Jabba the hut.


Star Ship Driver? Lightsaber designer? Design your own Star Wars planet?
I've got more as well!


I'm thinking more like an adventure game, but all suggestions are welcome :D


I dunno about u know what I will wait but before can I be your beta tester?


ooh I have an idea

So you are yoda or Luke or Rei think it should be rei and you have to try and find Kiro Rene like the mincraft game by MagmaPOP and attack him you have 5 lives


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How about a game where you use arrows to move around and beat enemies and stuff lol


So inspired by @Blastfusion's?


Kylo Ren



Sounds great! But could you please not copy mine.


Oops autocorrects _ :speak_no_evil: _


@CreationsOfaNoob, please don't copy. Before you post could you please show me some screenshots.
im sorry if I'm being bossy. I really don't want to be copied, but I know you and you're sensible. Hope yours turns out well!with it!


Speeder game/chase
Shoot the bad guys/good guys


Interesting. I enjoy watching the Star Wars films as well.


I've seen that, it inspired me :D


No, I wont :D


Thanks. I'm sure yours will be better, but feel free to use some things of mine, as I hope it inspires you. :smiley:

Why don't we both try to make game changers with our Star Wars games!