Star Wars Fandom Competition Official Topic!


This is the official topic for the Star Wars Fandom for the Fandom Contest.
@Kayro (Background)
@HopscotchRemixer (Game)
@PinkCupcake8 (Pixel Art)
@Petrichor (Trail Art)

All of the slots on are team are filled up sorry.
@Autumn_Leaves this is our topic.


Good Job! This topic is nice!


Just need two more members…hopefully Nindroid and PC8. Well just 2 Star Wars fans would be fine


I’ll tell u if anyone edits it and u can tag them up there!


Ok I put it on global edit too


Ok! I can’t wait to do this. (I might already have a plan…)


Ok…I will do a game…any ideas?


I got nothing.

Here are some of my BG ideas though if it gives ya inspiration

  • Bespin!
  • a saber fight
  • Tatooine sunset
  • Endor’s forest moon

Also all the umm places are just landscapes of it.


How about Crossy Wan?
It’s like Crossy Road but with Obi Wan


That’s a good idea! Then (If u can) u can make an option to be a Yoda (If u get bunch of points)


Oh yeah that’s a good idea.


My name is Crossy Wan Kanobi


I can do pixel art!! This sounds really fun, hopefully I have time to do some


I’m kind of crazy but I’ll do trail art?


Ok @Petrichor. That means we are full now!


Good luck guys! Here is a Porg to cheer you on!image