Star Bouncer Game, critique?



Hey guys, I'm making a new game called Star Bouncer where you have to position trampolines to bounce a ball to hit a star, I've made two levels so far, and am working on the third. I need some critique and suggestions to help improve this game. To position the trampoline, tap it, then use the arrows to move it. Anyways, the link is here


Oh my woah this is awesome! Great job so far!!




Maybe on the title screen add directions??

Other than that, it is a great WIP.


I know you always say that, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thanks!

still not true though…


Thanks! I will`add a help tab


I always say that, IDK why.


Nothing is hidden…

And it's not


@JaggedJeans, thanks for adding that tag! :slight_smile:


It's awesome. Are you still working on it?


Not at the moment, but I'll finish it eventually


Wait. That's @BB-Box not awesome.




He's @Awsome. That's what he means.



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Looks like we were both right-

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