Standing up to bullies reminder



With funky 63 gone, we're easy to be overcome by bullies, this is where you stand up to bullies, I feel like we're not doing this task so someone has to
Some thingsyou can do to help



Email THT if you see a 'hate' acc, or any inappropriate behavior.


Remix some projects and KINDLY remind them the community guindelines, if they continue try the email section


I kinda wish funky would come back....

  • funky should come back!
  • no let him stay at home!



Even though like 90% of the community hates him, I feel like it's not a complete community without him ;-;


Even though we wish he was still active, we have to respect his choice!

Also, look at all this new talent that's rolling in! Even though an advance coder has left, many new ones are filling his place!


Wait? Didn't he leave like 2 days ago. Woah.


Yes...this seems like a golden age for Hopscotchers (not that F63 left) but HS is getting somehow (that I can't describe) better.


Not I'm my opinion. The golden days were in ol' 2014


Really? Why is that?


Because I was new, hopscotch felt amazing (not that it is now), all the great hopscotcher weren't quitting one by one. And literally no haters.


I actually don't know what the hopscotch teams' email is. Can you tell me what it is or where to find it?


also on the app tap help and press write us and it will show u another email