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Your an amazing coder! You deserved the feature!

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Lol I was looking back through my old posts… these event literally happened within 24 hours of each other


Yeah! Happy Australia Day to you!! I’m a Victorian!

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Nice! I’m a Sydneysider :yum::yum: and im also rlly excited for the fireworks!! XD


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Are there fireworks??? COOL! I didn’t know!!

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(Reads the title) I’m sad now waaaaahhh


This might be a bad place to out this but j realize because I followed u, you said suggestions and stuff on your snake game. First of all, the code is amazing and the game looked really fun until… (this may just be my iPad) but right when I started playing my health dropped immediately and 8 seconds later my poor snake was dead. Please fix because the game looks really fun!!


I think it just might be your iPad… because it is all fine for me…
Maybe try it on a different iPad (school one or something) and if it is still doing it take a screenshot and show me

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Lol I’m on a school iPad and hopscotched hasn’t been updated in ages…
lol remember this



Holy moly that’s an old editor. That was the editor from when I very first joined…but when I became active on HS, it changed.

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Same as me!! Did you join about June 2016??

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Wait, let me see the search tab on there

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I joined in April 2016, but I didn’t become active for a few months…

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I miss the old search tab…it was so much better…they kept it for a while after they changed the editor.

And I checked…I became active in July/August 2016

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Same time as me… lol

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So, you still have all of those premade custom blocks like draw a background, etc.?

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Nope… just what it was before

Tho I have them on my iPad of course

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I’m gonna update now… lol

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