Stahp LEAVING! (plz)


K, why is everyone leaving now? Like i know some have HW, some people don't like HS anymore, and some don't feel apritiated... But why is everyone leaving at the same time?

Well I haz a theory... Maybe you guys are all leaving because you see others' reasons and you should leave for the same reason.

... Maybe you leave cause your surrounded by sad peeps, and then you leave to get away from the sad peeps, which causes more peeps to leave... SO DON"T LEAVE!!! >:C

So stahp leaving just cause you relate to another person who left! plz!!!

Don't leave for any reason ever!!!

There are so many leaving topics! Plz don't leave along with them! ;-;


A lot of ppl r mad that the leaders were Demlted so they left


Why would they be mad over that? ;-;


I am!


Because they were called an "experiment" (the Leaders/Mods)




I'm still so sad ;-;

I partially agree with THT but I also agree with others :0
They were called and experiment :00

If you put yourself in their shoes you would be really hurt ;;-;;


Same here. I seee where both sides are coming from so I'm like: middle ground is my home now.


Think about it this way if you leave because you were called a lab rat along with everybody else

Your lasting you problems behind for other people to take care of. If your going to leave, leave helping not ditching.

Some people even say they will leave until the forum gets better.

Are you serious?! That means the people who try to keep the forum together have to do most of the work and the leavers can just ignore it and come back.

Don't run from your problems, you will leave a legacy of betrayal


Not meaning to be rude

I don't see why people seem to think of this kind of "experiment"... it wasn't a horrible, creepy or bad experiment, just a test to see what kid leadership would be like :wink:

Apart from that I agree


I left

But I still come on the forum like once a month


Hello :)



I feel really sad

And actually no one cares if I leave and I got used to that


I care dude. U r my friend:)
We all miss u


I care, but you are on sometimes so at least you aren't unreachable ;)



You sound like my friend

She is SOO nice and she is SOO caring

Just like you!

Got to go watch Space Buddies

Because I am bored


Yeah that is true

Got to go watch a Space Buddies bai


Thank you. Have fun!!


That was before I posted the topic that shows it wasn't that important


You can't just say stahp. I'm still leaving