Stahp hatin on me plz



Are there any other Hopscotchers who follow you? And does it include anything related to your forum username? I'm trying to think of how someone could've found it.


Apparently, Murphy followed her personal account on, so CC123 messaged Murphy to ask how she found her and all that.


Yeah, one does. She stumbled into my account and followed me, which the mods said was ok.

No, my username involves my first and middle name. Nothing close to my forun username.



Let's remember not to get too gossipy. :)



Yeah, but stumbling onto someone's personal account isn't exactly random...

And she couldn't have known it was you, right?

Also, I'm not sure if stumbling onto an account and following it is allowed anymore.


Okay here:
"Well Murphy told me he wished we could share names so I gave him mine so he could follow me. Then I went to delete my post and I got a notification from Murphy in my dm's saying hi friendship! He told me that a person was trying to get his ■■■■■■■■■■■■ so I told him give them Pizza Hut or McDonald's phone so he did and it was funny lol and then I went to watch beyonce and work on my project and he was texting me on my go on my a bunch of times and I was like no I'm watching beyonce and working on a project and he kept asking me. He was probably mad at me for not going on his so he probably told on me for talking outside the forum when he messaged me first"


No, this was when it was ok, and and SA had a HS account. And we all wrote our names in the comments.


Murphy knew friendships
She told me he said he was gonna follow everyone she followed so maybe that's how he found CC123


That might make sense, but then why did she lie when I asked how she found my account?


Maybe he didn't wanna get in trouble


Okay she just texted me more
"Jess was just talking me and told me to talk to her and I was like maybe and well.... I looked at the fight anonymously."


And then I saw she responded in a positive way to a user (not on Hs) that had a seriously inappropriate profile, and so understandably, my mind was racing then, and I was nervous.


Who are you friendship?

Coding cupcake messaged me first.

Friendship told me hers I was scared


Ew that's disgusting are you kidding me?


Nope. Maybe Murphy didn't know it was bad, but I got scared.


That was a one time thing and it won't be done ever again, I promise you.


What? You're kidding right? Who


He seriously inappropate person complimented you, and you said "thanks!"