Stahp hatin on me plz



Guys I'm sorry. Friendship and coding cupcake were talkin to me. Just please guys. I'm sorry. @BuildASnowman I just said a warning. Now they hate me and are sending messages. Help. I should leave so no more hate


From what @codingCupcake123 said, it's the other way around.

But I'll let the mods sort this out.


Gilbert, I need help. It is all a misunderstanding.


This is a scheme. Murphy approached me first, and I don't know how she found me. When I asked her, she lied. As far as I'm concerned, she's someone who could be a danger.



@codingCupcake123 @Murphy1 what is this about?
If you don't want to explain or something, that's fine I'm just a random person who is extremely confused. XD



Either you messaged Murphy, or she messaged you?


I messaged her because I wanted to find out how she found my account.

She lied with an answer, making me nervous.


Oh, okay. So she followed you, and you asked her how/why she found you and followed her?

I want to hear both sides here.


Stop. Stop. It's all to much. Stop

@codingCupcake123 it's not my fault you made the chat


@Murphy1 what happened? (In your point of view)
@codingCupcake123 (In your point of view)
EDIT: And everyone else involved :D

I want to know, so I can help. :D
(Sorry for being so oblivious, I just don't see the topic where this is happening lol)

EDIT: @Gilbert189 thank you! :D


@Murphy1, so you say that you didn't follow @codingCupcake123? I'm confused.


You're good. CC123 was suspended earlier because Murphy said she was communicating on, and now we're sorting it out. :slight_smile:


Can I ask friendship if she wants to tell you guys her side of the story of what happened


Oh, she 100% did. Or else how could I ask her anything? I don't know her account.


No, that's the issue here. You shouldn't be communicating with her, or anyone.


Do you have any idea on how she could be found your account? It's a personal account, right?


But can I just ask her if she wants me to tell you guys what happened? Just one text and I'll copy it here?


Yes, it's private. And no, how could she have found it? And why would she want?


Gilbert I'm gonna ask her if she wants to share her side of the story because she'll be honest about it, unlike...


Wait wait wait wait @codingCupcake123 what happend?
And where did it happen?