-SQUISHY- and Duckman's project


Hey -SQUISHY- so what project would you like to work on?


Hey guys! Could I help?


Idk, I started on one game that was about Frog opening a Kabob Buissness, it was a game and I haven't been able to Finnish it, so maybe that. Or I've been wanting to make a calculator or one of those impossible quiz.


Sorry, when there are more than two working on a project it is confusing, maybe you and I could work on a project together later!


We could work on my Sheldon project and after that on of your unfinished projects!


That sounds cool! Yeah


Oh okay.. I could help with ideas?


I've posted the project. I have to leave to a soccer game.


Ok Good Luck! @DuckmanTerry


Thanks! We won btw. 20 characters thingy


Yes, I've already seen it. @NDSDNS


Oh yeah forgot @SQUISHY.


@DuckmanTerry @SQUISHY maybe continue on this project?

Also @DuckmanTerry sorry about the Bernie loss


I stopped using hopscotch a long time ago. :frowning: I support Jill Stein now.


So you know that you shouldn't write Finnish, it should be finish