Squirrelville! New game!



This is one of my best games of all time!
It's a design game with a money and upgrading system,different materials like wood, and a built-in tapper!

Here is the linkl!

Mantid! New Game!

10 outta 10!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much!!!


Your so welcome (now become a natural instinct to love what you make, it's weird!, ummmm...... Sorry I spammed you with likes.........




Lets do your suggestion now, this way we won't spam (plz edit this) and your welcome - SF
What do you mean?

Stampys_fans is cool:
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You are awesome @Stampys_fans and @AHappyCoder!!!! - Mystery Fan!
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It's really cool! If I was a judge I'd give it 100/10


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! (x900000000000)


You are an awesome coder (and a happy coder!)


Thank you so MUCH!!!!


You deserve that name!


Yeah you do @AHappyCoder


So far, the only flaw I've seen is that the menu/option stuff isn't at the front.

Later: You can't sell 15 wood for $700, but the others all work.


Ok...I'll fix the sell bug


I could not make the bug happen :confused:


Wait, I've just realized you buy 15 for $700, but it's under "Sell".


You have to pay them?????????


Sell $700 for 15 wood! Get it? Cash is a material


I have updated the link.


Yep, I thought it was weird scanning my following, the project in it, UNILKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!, nevermind, liked it :wink: