Sprouse's Lag Problem- Still need help



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What's lagging? I can help :slight_smile:


Lagging is like glitching


I think he means what part of the project is lagging :wink:


You scared me with the title. I thought I was in trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: Anywho, lagging is when like its glitching. Possibly leads to Crashing.
EDIT: ohhh... you mean- ok. hold on.
Ok. So, in my game, your supposed to pick a character and blablabla. Anywho, its like this:

So you pick your character and then play,

Then, you go ahead and explore. But now, I barely add anything after the update and I cant choose a character and everything freezes up. That includes the home and pencil icons. And it crashes


So, is @Rawrbear gonna help or what? :laughing: Its been awhile.....


That stinks! Might've been because of update migration. Don't think you can do anything about it, sorry! :\


Aw man. I was really looking foward to this game, but now I cant even play it!