Sprites and Frames in Hopscotch



So, if anyone on here uses scratch, you know you can draw you own sprite. Not only that, you can make multiple costumes (or frames) for it, and can make animations. It would be nice to have this on Hopscotch, especially since you could make animations. This would clear up comics, for each chapter would be in one project, and make artists code more. also, drawing on a sprite would mean you could view the drawing when you play the project. This could also add things like CCs to HS, which could be nice, or disastrous, with too many remixes.


They are adding the drawing your own sprites.

It’s in the new beta, I haven’t drawn anything good on it yet, but it exists for subscribers. Or, if you want it to only be on your iPad, anyone.


Yeah, like @Petrichor said, this is actually a brand new feature coming to Hopscotch soon. It is in Beta (it is being tested) right now, which is super awesome!


Oh. How do you get Beta?


Fill out this form: https://liza53.typeform.com/to/pgjAan


Do they have different costumes?


What do you mean by only?


I think even non subscrivpbers should be able to make one new character per project. Just because I feel like the subscription needs a lot more stuff in it to be intriguing to buy. I feel like they should add a lot more, and drawing your own sprite I feel is something that a lot of other programming languages online Palready allow you to do for free.


Ye thats a good idea


So does it exist for non-subscribers? I hope there are pixel sprites, makes my life soo much easier.


You can use it but you can’t upload a project with a custom image on it.


So I can’t publish with it. What’s the point of that then?


If you have the subscription then you can publish with it


Oh ok.


Explain please.

You can’t upload it to Hopscotch’s servers, so no publishing or saving when you log out


It does, but you cannot bullish it or save it.

Google piskel to get a good thing for making pixel images