Spring holidays!


Hey guys, today is the first day our holidays! Okay, now I feel so bad for those who still have school! @PandaBlossom... You there?


I think she said that she ran out of posts


Well I know she's online cause she liked that post!


She is online, I know she is on hopscotch she said that she ran out of posts.
For how long @PandaBlossom? You can tell me on hopscotch if you want PB.


@RubyWolf, she said she can't for 14 more hours and that she is so dead!


I saw it just then! :smile: Thanks for telling me though @JJ4eva!
Oh no! That's terrible @PandaBlossom! I hope you're back soon


Me to!!!! Maybe join us tomorrow or like the posts so we know your there!


Yeah! But don't run out of likes too!


Good point!!!!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I might be asleep when you get your posts back XD
I'll give you some tips after and like this @PandaBlossom if you want to talk or do a collab on hopscotch


Oh BTW @RubyWolf, I made an RP on joining hs, please join!


@JJ4eva I'm really sorry but I don't really like rps and I don't want my account to be full of Rp stuff I'm so sorry about that but I might change my mind :cold_sweat:


That's fine! I really wish I could delete that cause nobody is writing, but thanks for telling me


Do you have any ideas for a project? I can't think of anything


Me neither! Ummmmmm something creative?


Hey how about a game which involves drawing, guessing, and AI?