Spring Coding Contest!

As we all know Spring is almost over, already! So I decided to make a coding competition.
There will be three teams of 3-5 we will try to keep the teams as even as possible. You will get your theme when the time to complete your project starts (May 30th-June 10th). There will also be a team leader which your team will decide!
(I am a judge along with three other people).
Judges: @Ducks_Happy, @tankt2016, @Silverdolphin, @Stylishpoopemoji33
Team 1: Leader
And three to four other teammates
Team 2: Leader
3-4 other teammates
Team 3: Leader
3-4 other teammates
Your team can choose how to do your project for instance, making a collab!

Prizes: 1st: Nomination for featured, Likes, shoutouts and follows for each team member
2nd: Nomination for rising, and shoutouts for each team member
3rd: Shoutouts for each team member
Whichever place you get you will be rewarded I also have something for the judges at the end as thanks for helping out.

Each team is responsible for coming up with a team name and a topic or you could just use the general discussion topic if that is ok with the leaders, for discussing progress and project ideas. The other judges and I will check on your topic to make sure everything is good and there’s is no cheating.
I will be making a judges topic for the judges to talk about the teams.

Each judge will be assigned a team to check in on. That will be announced May 29th, the day before the competition starts!
Sorry, that was a lot to read, I hope you join!



Can I be a judge? Thanks!


Could I be a judge please?

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You can comment what team you want to be on (1,2 or 3) or if you want to be a judge. It is first come first serve but if all the spots are filled and someone really wants to join I can figure something out!:grin:

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Of course!

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Can I judge please?

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Judges spots are all filled!

Thank you so much!

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Dang… umm… I’m to busy to compete…

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Oh you can be a judge! If you like!


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