Spring Break! 😄



You might be thinking, what does this have to do to Hopscotch? We'll hold your flags, because it's related!

I just wanted to give people an early heads up! My spring break is next week, and I'm super excited! But I'm going on vacation. Like, an Out-Of-My-Country vacation. And that's a problem. I WILL NOT HAVE WIFI PROBABLY!!! Which means: No forum, No Hopscotch. And even if I did have wifi, I'm going to be out and about all day, without my iPad. I might be able to use the forum on my phone a tiny bit, but that's really it. I'm super sorry, but I won't be posting on Hopscotch or the Forums like at all. I can still code, but not publish. I'm sorry! I just wanted to let you know before I have to leave.

BUT THE MINUTE WHEN I PULL INTO MY GARAGE I GURRANTEE I WILL GO STRAIGHT TO HOPSCOTCH AND THE FORUM! I'm not joking. I'm gonna get home at midnight, then I'm heading straight to my iPad. So I'll let you all know when I'm back!

I'm leaving this Saturday, and I'll let you know when I get back!

Thanks! And bye in advance!

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Sorry if you already saw this topic, I tried to take out some people!


Do you know when your parents plan on coming back? :yum:

Good luck surviving without internet!

[dramatic music intensifies]



Bye! I hope you have fun wherever your going :slight_smile: can't wait to see you back on hopscotch


ROFL! That is so funny! How long is it? Oh and depending on how long you are off, you may come back to find THT's new feature here!


Oh yeah! I'm going for a week :wink:

I'm not gonna survive... XD


No! I am going to miss you! :disappointed_relieved:

Have fun on your trip


@SmileyAlyssa I used the link for your Solitaire game and played it, though it did not come up on your channel. I found the game in my drafts and clicked on publish. And this happened:

(Of course I will unpublished this)




OMG please nobody do that! I spent forever on this!!!


I have no idea what happened but I (obviously) unpublished it.


Ok. Thanks for letting me know. I can't believe that happened!


Lucky you! My spring break is the last week of April! Have fun on your vacay!


If a remixed project stays too long in your drafts, it (the mad evil death-defying robot of Hopscotch and the Drawing Topic) decides that the draft has been changed enough that is doesn't need the credit.


Grrrrr but I poted the link not too long ago -_-


@Kiwicute2016, Stickmen are well sticks! Thin sticks!


Thank you!


I'm super excited for you! I'm on break right now and we have testing next week. You don't have to say, but where are you going?


Like my terminolgy of TNEDDROHATDT?


Mexico! :smile: (On the coast of it)


you mean :straight!:?