Spring Break! Will be on Hopscotch!



Hello! I am on spring break! I plan to be on the forum a lot! I am also planning big projects! But...

I will be in North Carolina to see my friends and my old house! So I probably won't be on for a few! But I plan to get back on after that!

I hope everyone has (or had) a great spring break!

Belle <3


There is always a topic where you can announce this type of stuff


Wait people still haven't had their spring break? O.O


Here it is:


Oh! I didn't know that the forum had that topic! Sry!


You guys are starting Spring Break? And I though we had a late Spring Break.:smile::smile: I'm on Spring Break now.


That's cool! @Kitkat26 !


Aww lucky! I just got school off today and my spring break was last week.


At least you didn't have to wait as long as me! I waited forever... Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I was sick the week before (like, the WHOLE week) so I'm still adjusting to school.....


Aw that stinks! I hate being sick! It's no fun.