Spring Break! (Hopscotch related)


Hello their!

I am on Spring Break. So do you how this related to Hopscotch? I will be on the forums and Hopscotch more often! Yaaaaay! I am a little late on the announcement though. I will be on late at night for me and earlier in the morning for me! Yaaaaaaaaay! I am soooo happy! Even though my break started last Friday. I will be publishing little project right now. I am working on one at the moment! It is a rocket based game. It is going to be amazing. I mean you guys will be wowed. I am so glad. I will be more available time to talk with you Hopscotchers! It will be a fun time.

Phase Admin


Cool! I am glad you can be on more! :smile:


YAAAAAAY I'm on spring break too and I published a music project music video! Yay!


Spring break is over for us. I cri... I'm in belguim so we have less holidays. Spring break lasted 7 days...