SpreadPositivity- Anonymous


Hello! I'm @SpreadPositivity! I'd just like to introduce myself to the Forum community.

I joined the Forum as an anonymous account to help spread happiness and enjoyment! :smiley:

How can you help me?

By being happy and kind to everyone! One person can make a huge difference, and I'm here to prove that. :sunglasses:

Here are some great topics that help spread kindness and positivity!

Say Something Nice To The Hopscotcher Above!

Hopscotch Roast Session!

The Positive Club! :D

Happiness- The Forum Needs It!

:D Club! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/the-d-club-join-now/8949?u=ahappycoder

Can I guess who you are?

Sure! Just please do it only in this topic, so we don't clog the forum!

I'm not answering to guesses (saying right or wrong). I want to stay as anonymous as possible! If you were tagged as a guess, you can answer, though!
I'm not giving any hints, though, except that I like positivity! :smile:

Well, that's it for now!
Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

~ SP


I've reached my max replies now! I forgot about that! :smile:
Well, while I'm gone for a bit, you guys can help me spread positivity!

We're Featured, Yay!

We certainly need more positivity!


Ok, I really love this! :D

I have some guesses:



Great account!



It's not me. :D

I can't make another forum account (for now). ;-;

This is awesome, @SpreadPositivity! :D


are you @MYD?
@Dude73 ?


It's not me! Good guesses though! :smile:


That's not me! :D I can't make any extra accounts. :D


it's me!

actually not me, how can i make 2 accounts?


Okay! I think you're @MYD or @SnowGirl_Studios.


Snowy is on vacation and can't go in the forum. It is not her. :smile:


Add a link to my :D Club!


Not me! This time lol Today is my free day so i can be on the forum for a little bit :smiley:


Yay! My Hopscotch Twin is back!!


Yay!! :D!!! Nuu i have to go in 5 minutes.... at least i can still be on for those minutes :smiley:


.....spend them well, then!

Anyways, @SpreadPositivity, you're right! Positivity is a good concept, and should be used more!


You have to use two different email accounts


Sorry that was for @hopscotch_king they were asking about making two different accounts


This is the :D Club!



I need to get my profile picture out of this topic...