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I know there’s been lots of “buzz” in the forum recently about religion, LGBT rights, and how to have a polite disagreement.

We built Hopscotch to make it easier for everyone to code. Anyone who wants to code on Hopscotch is welcome, including you! It’s your place to make things that you care about.

By joining an amazingly creative community like Hopscotch, you are jumping into a pool that is filled with people who might be very different than you. This is exactly why Hopscotch is full of so much great stuff—there are thousands of wildly different brains collaborating and contributing.

As you know, this community is incredibly special and rare. And it takes each of us to keep it this way. If people start making each other feel unwelcomed, Hopscotch will become a place where people don’t feel comfortable being themselves, and we’d lose all the individuality that makes this place so special.

So.. #1 thing we have to remember:
Spread positive energy.

If you see a project or forum topic that makes you uncomfortable or isn’t something you’re into, just don’t join it. There’s plenty of other stuff you can spend your time on in Hopscotch -- join groups you are interested in, make cool things, compliment people’s projects, help new people get started or just play awesome games.

It’s up to us to keep this place awesome.

Spread positive energy. It’s contagious. It will make others spread positive energy too.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at liza@gethopscotch.com. Nothing is more important to me than you (and everyone else) feeling welcomed and awesome in Hopscotch.

**small print: if you make someone else feel unwelcome, threatened, or unloved in Hopscotch, your account can be suspended. I would hate for someone to feel this way and I would hate to have to suspend you. So please, pretty please, don’t make me do that.

To the hopscotch team, very important message
We should be free to talk about our religion!
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Thank you for making this topic, @Liza! :D


Thank you @Liza

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Nice topic, @liza!
I felt that this was needed badly.


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Thanks @Liza!
This topic was really needed.
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Thanks for making this topic, @Liza! :D

I feel like this was needed badly and that it'll really help everybody accept everybody else, which is a really good thing! :grinning:

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Thanks! Maybe now people won't make billions of these kinds of topics

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Thanks for making this! It was REALLY needed. also thanks for featuring me!


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Thanks @Liza for posting this! I know that people have been all around the place because of that. I think this would help! ;D


Thank you for making this topic! It's great that we have a nice, long refresher on the forum.


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Well said, @Liza, I hope this does make a lot of people feel more welcomed, I also hope for new members, and current members, feel appreciated and safe in this environment. ^‿^


Many people don't understand what LGBTQIA means, so here's what it is:

Lesbian – A female- identified person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to another female-identified person.

Gay – A male-identified person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to another male-identified person.

Bisexual – A person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to both men and women.

Transgender – A person who is a member of a gender other than that expected based on anatomical sex.

Queer – An umbrella term which embraces a variety of sexual preferences, orientations, and habits of those who do not adhere to the heterosexual and cisgender majority. The term queer includes, but is not exclusive to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transpeople, and intersex persons, traditionally, this term is derogatory and hurtful, however, many people who do not adhere to sexual and/or gender norms use it to self-identify in a positive way.

Intersex – Someone who’s physical sex characteristics are not categorized as exclusively male or exclusively female.

Asexual – A person who is not attracted to anyone, or a person who does not have a sexual orientation.

If you have any questions, please ask!

LGBT Coding Club 2.0 ❤️💛💚💙💜

Thanks @liza for the topic!

But @Kiwicute2016 about the sex think

It's inapropriet but do you meen like

"You are in the girl sex!"

Or as in

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Read it and I think you'll understand which one :wink:.