Spread Love/Stop Complaining About Short Suspensions


Spread the Nutella.

The forum is heated right now. There's been like three suspensions in a day or two. People are being rude to others. Very rude. The Mods are doing their best to stop these people from causing the Apocolypse, but they couldn't so they had to suspend some people (if you didn't know already).
We need to start complimenting others more. We need to make new friends. We need to let others join in. We need to sew the forum back together before its wrecked for good.
We all need to contribute and spread the love.
I'm a different person now. My past has almost ruined my future. But I matured over my suspension and thought about my actions. I knew I did wrong. And guess what? Now @simplysoutherngurl @huggingfluffybear and I are good friends!
But we can't throw our friends under the bus. We need to admit what we did wrong even if the consequences aren't nice. I knew my friend was doing something wrong so I told a Mod about it so it could be stopped.

Tell the TRUTH.

Now it's time for the second part of this topic. Suspensions.
Someone recently got suspended. They made two extra accounts to communicate. They complained because their suspension was "too" long.
Their suspension was like three to six days.
The Mods suspend us for a reason.
But why, why, WHY do you complain about a suspension when it's so short?
Have you seen mine?
I had gotten that for a reason and I felt like I needed it.
How long?
Four weeks.
Appreciate what the Mods do for us! They keep the forum together and are some of the best coders on Hopscotch! Why do we hate on these kind people? Why are we rude and mean to them on purpose?
The Mods, Leaders, and Admins are some of the most mature people here. They do the right thing.

Now don't hate on me for making this topic, I just wanted to point some things out to you guys and to appreciate what our leaders do for us.
Please don't flag, it took time to write this and explain things.


Good topic!

i seriously can't see any reason anyone would flag ;)


I was about to say exactly the same thing that @happyfacegirl said, but I was too late.


Yuuuuuuuuuuuuussssss i was fiiiiiirrrrrrssssstttt


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Awesome topic! I agree with everything here!



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Agree 100% XD

but seriously, I do agree completely with this topic. Everything happens for a reason. You may be suspended but then you can cool down, and maybe learn somthing.
So yeah.


I saw this video from SuperWoman! That video was so inspirational, and I laughed so many times during it!


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I just watched two hours of IISUPERWOMANII because of your post :joy::joy:


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Great topic! I completly agree. :smiley:

I've also noticed some people are a little confused about why Moderators give out suspensions. Suspensions are just breaks to give us time to think about our actions. If you look in a bio of a person who is currently suspended there will be a message like this (The picture is a completely fake suspension that I made up):

The first line says the date when the person won't be suspended anymore. It varies depending on the situation. The second line is the reason that person got suspended. A Moderator chooses this.


Can you suspend me for 5 minutes @Intellection74? or @Anonymous


Yeah! This is a wonderful topic. If only people would follow your advice more.

Another thing I'd like to add:

Don't judge.

It happens a lot. Everyone has done it. They see someone make a spelling mistake and say 'That person is careless and not smart.'

They see someone get suspended and go try to find a post of theirs to flag.

They see someone being formal and acting helpful and say 'That person is trying to act like they're all mature and fit in with leaders.'

They see someone post drawings that maybe aren't amazing. They say, 'That person is a horrible artist. They're silly to think that their art is good.'

They disagree with someone and flag them.

When it happens, you rule that person out as a possible friend. You act more harsh with them. Think bad things about them. Flag them. You make a point of not liking their posts.

That just gives way to flame wars, hurt feelings, and a missed opportunity for a friend.

Don't try to get revenge. Don't try to make something bad happen to someone. It'll just hurt this forum that we love.


Good topic


Why do you want to be suspended?


I want to know what it feels like.


It doesn't feel very nice unless you know you did wrong.