SportyGeographer’s general topic!



Hi, this is SportyGeographer, aka tankt2016(boy)! This is my general topic! Ask me any questions, as long as it isn’t personal information!

Facts about me:
I have two features on this account! Castle Defender and Find The Right Circle!

I have one trending.
I am working on some really cool projects currently. They may take a while.
I like baseball and the Red Sox.

I am also accepting logo & project requests!

Also, SportyGeographer moved to the forum account @GameCodingCrazy123, and his sister kept this forum account. ; )





Fruit Catcher!

A game where the goal is to catch a certain amount of fruit in a certain amount of time! Avoid the rotten fruit and catch the ripe fruit. Oh yeah, don’t eat any of it either.

This was SportyGeographer.


I need Beta Testers for Hopscotch in Hopscotch! @ me if you want to test! Five people only.


Can I?


I’ll do it


Why post it on here? And you and @Petrichor can test🎠


This is the general topic, and it’s not related to my topic. Obviously.


You’re talking about your topic though and it’s my general topic


Yeah, about the off-topic posts you started!
Hey, why are we sitting right next to each other on this couch but are communicating by doing this?


Dunno. And I was just showing you an example.


Well, why couldn’t you have done it in one post and saved me from running out of off-topic flags?


I deleted them though


Yeah, I know, but there’s like ten other posts that are off-topic!


Wanna start a story chain game?

Never mind. I’ll go start one.


Hi people s i am someone


New project! Potato Meme!

I just noticed this got on rising! Thanks!


Still need three beta testers!


The first version of Hopscotch In Hopscotch is out!
(Deleted the link)
That’s the link. Tell me what you like or dislike on it, and I’ll try making it better!

I still need three more testers if anyone wants to join


Just saying, it was unpublished and when I exited the project, the draft went into my drafts. I’m not gonna delete it from my drafts incase it deletes the original, but I could somehow like it. Cool.
Oh, any feed back I gave to my brother who is in the same room here.