Sports players- Add yourself to the tag list


Hi everyone, I was wondering, who plays sports? This is related to hopscotch, because I'm working on some sports projects! So, if you play sports, add your name below, and add what sport you play!
Then, if anyone is making a sport project, you can tag these people.

Only add yourself!
If you add yourself, you will get tagged for sports projects!
Only use this tag list for sports topics!
Even if you don't play a sport, if you know a lot about a sport, you can add youeprself.
As long as you are willing to help with sport projects, you can add yourself!

Edit below with names and sports!

@bluedogmc-official- basketball, lax, football.
@WinningMonkey: Softball, Soccer, Athletics
@SkydivingWalnut: Bsketball, Soccer, and I used to do Volleyball
@DancingLollipop: rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics
@SmileyAlyssa: Volleyball, Some Cross
Country, Track and feild, some Softball!
@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf: Basketball and Soccer :D
@TheLogoMaster: Baseball, basketball, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing (surfing was just during spring break).
@Nickarthur: Basketball, badminton, 8 ball
@Stick88 Ultimate Frisbee!
@Paydent12 - I play basketball and baseball, I also enjoy playing flag football at school
@tankt2016— The girl does softball and dance, the boy does baseball, soccer, basketball, a lot. And we both do swimming.
@Ihasfluffycupcakes I do Basketball and I like Bowling :)<
@Snoopy- I play tennis!
@Dude73: Dance, Golf, ski racing, volleyball
@Kitkat26- softball, swimming, basketball, and some running.
@Clu3555- snow boarding and I used to do competitive roller skating which I might start again
@GoatLord I like soccer and Aussie Rules football. I want to join a soccer club.
@GracefulIcing1- SWIM! I'm on a swim team!


@bluedogmc-official It's not editable

I Do Softball, Soccer, Athletics


I fixed it! You can add your self!


Basketball, badminton, 8 ball


Cool! You can add yourself to the list by clicking the green notepad on the top, then type your username and sports under the line!


I wonder why I cannot click the icon!


People with the trust level Basic can't edit community-editable posts.


Oh, man! It is not fair.


It's bots/spammers don't change and potentially ruin them. It's fair, you just have to wait until the system trusts you.


Got it. I just feel there is still long way to go, anyway.


Just keep reading posts and you'll be a Member in no time! :D

It won't take as long as you may think! :D

(When you get the Member badge, you'll be able to edit editable posts! :D)


Of course, I would like to share my idea. Thanks for your help and I appreciate it very much. :grinning::grinning:


I can edit you in if you want!


That is good. Thank you very much!


So are you going to set up a sports forum or something?


Nope! The idea is, when someone makes a sport topic, they will tag these people since they play sports!


No problem! :grinning:

Also, I just remembered something; according to this, you have to like at least one post to become a Member.


Haha, that's cool. This will help guys know each other better.


Oh, I see it. So nice of you.


I'm so happy to see all of these sports players!