Spirit Animal quiz for Hopscotchers!


The answers are ordered by 1, 2, and 3,. Exp:
1: Yes
2: No
3: Sometimes

Take this short and easy quiz to find out what your spirit animal is!!

Someone makes fun of somebody

  • Say: hey that wasn't nice
  • Walk away
  • Try not to be noticed


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Do you like talking?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes....


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Party or stay at home?

  • Party
  • Stay at home
  • Go but try not to be visible


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Someone calls you "stup.id"

  • Punch them in the face
  • Cry
  • Talk to them about it.


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Someone plays your favorite song

  • Dance like nobody's watching in the middle of the dance floor
  • Shy away
  • Run


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If you answered mostly 1's, then you are a lion. You are very confident and you like attention.

If you answered mostly 2's you are like a turtle. You are very shy and you don't like to be noticed.

If you answered mostly 3's, you are like a bunny. You sometimes like to be noticed, but not all the time.

If you answered 2's and 3's, you are like a bird. You only are to be noticed when needed and you get scared easily.

If you answered 2's and 1's, you are like a dolphin. When there is a threat you dissapear, but you love to put on a show.

If you answered 1's and 3's, you are like an owl. You are wise, and you are very discreet about things.


Apparently I'm a dolphin!


This is really cool! But this isn't related to Hopscotch.


Looks like I'm a lion!!!!!!


I'm a dolphin! Whistle whistle! (Dolphins whistle right?)


Who are you calling an owl........ Who? WHOOOO? Lolâ„¢


Cool im a dolphin!



But, this isn't hopscotch related.


So I'm a bird!


I'm a bird! :D

Could you possibly relate this to HS, tho? Maybe try coding it there?


Okayyyyy um you have to code or put a picture in on hopscotch saying what your spirit animal is.