Spiral emoji draw not working!

It works for me

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this happened to me too try to resume the video and find ur mistake or click home button and try it again it should work. If not idk

Steps to Fix

Hello, I am sorry you are experiencing a difficulty in the app.
You can maybe check the following steps to try to fix it.:

Step #1: Checking Code
Maybe the bug is in your code, make sure you have everything in there.

Also you can run through the video multiple times if you haven’t

Step #2: Checking Wifi
Sometimes not all my code works when I have below 3 bars of wifi, maybe check this, Me and my peers have been experiencing similar situations like so, and this fixed them.

Step #3: Contacting THT and/or @/Yuanyuan


If the steps above haven’t worked, I don’t know what to do except contacting for help.
In the 3 dots in the “Me” section of the Hopscotch app, you can press the “Help”button.

Doing so can help contacting HopscotchHelp.

Contacting on Forum or PM (Persanol Message)
You can also contact @/Yuanyuan for help or requesting a PM.

I hope these steps worked for you, have a good day!


@Cktennis5 , thanks for confirming this bug. As you see on your screenshots, each next emoji is spaced furget from the initial one (due to increasing cloning lag) and in the end they stop cloning altogether. Here’s my code (sorry, I cannot post links here, so remove extra spaces)
https:// c.gethopscotch. com/p/11pmiujq62

I checked, it’s the same behavour in the latest Chrome version.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=Iu-NOIRC6bU

Thanks for help everybody!


Here’s the link

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Ok @recs here are three remixes that I did:

This one does a bit of math to show that in the laggy version, you were actually drawing many many emojis, but they were piled on top of each other so you couldn’t see how many there were (which made it harder to see why it was laggy). In this first remix I spread out the emojis some.
This is a great example of how even simple HS programs can be hard to understand, especially when clones are involved. In the program you posted, and in my remix, with every tap and movement, the amount of emojis actually doubles! No wonder it gets dragged down.
Do you see why the # clones keeps doubling? With every press, a clone is made, but now there are two clones responding to the next press → 4 clones responding → 8 clones, etc.

Here is a second remix, with an important change:

Do you see the change? That change gives (after cloning) each emoji something to do, forever, so that it never again responds to another press. You don’t actually need to turn, but that is a popular thing that the emoji draw programs do; the “repeat forever” is what’s essential. Now, only the most recently born clone is waiting for another press. And when it clones itself, you’ll notice that it always shows up at the same (original spot on the screen, before moving to the press location. That’s annoying.

In this third remix:

I made it so the original text object is blank, so even the new clones also first appear there, you can’t see them, until new text is set. For fun I set the text to the clone index mod 10, with a hue also determined by the clone index.

After you try these programs and look at their code, let me know what other questions you have. It was only last month or so that I really wrapped my head around how emoji draws worked, which is why I was eager to try to help.

@anisotr0py, thanks so much for these examples. I had a suspicion that lagginess has got smth to do with deep object cloning instead of shallow, but could not understand why the code I used is all over the webs (youtube and official HS lesson plans) yet it does not work and how to enfore shallow clones.

Just as a note, your code still won’t run on iPhone X, I will try on iPad later today. It works in Chrome on Macbook though, but I cannot see inside w/o the HS app.


You’re welcome, and sorry it didn’t work on the iPhone. Does the iPhone have the latest version of the app? (my iPad does)

(wifi was fine; no need to tag leaders; the code just needed debugging and explaining)

Maybe publish post link then unpublish and we can see what happened

Oh wait I think you fixed it

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@anisotr0py and everyone who joined, thanks so much for your help. I understand the trick with the “forever” loop now, a bit counterintuitive and not so clear from videos online. I’m not sure why the code won’t run at all on iPhone X (even in browser), which added to my confusion, but works fine on the iPad. Now we can enjoy coding in Hopscotch!


You’re welcome; glad I could help. I agree it’s not intuitive.

Things not working on the phone is a problem I’m also curious about. Can you @recs say exactly which project doesn’t work in Hopscotch on your iPhone, and say what it does instead of working?

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