Spiral Draw Glitch 😨


I was watching one of the videos and it was easy. (I thought it was)
I zipped through the whole video and just copied the code at the end.
Sadly, I made a mistake, because I was careless, and I can't seem to find what is causing it. Snoopy won't help me with it because she's studying for a quiz and she says I'm distracting her. :tired_face: I included a screenshot of the code, help!


Welcome to forum, I'm late, I'm @MYD, how can I make your day?? Is there anything I can do for u?


Can you take a look at my project and see what I did wrong? The code is above!


Can you give the link so I can hunt down an error, mistake, or glitch?


I haven't published it yet. The only code in the whole project is the screenshot!


After the "create a clone" block, make a new rule, and have it be "when character is cloned". Transfer everything below the create a clone block to the other rule! :D


Oh, ok... I'm looking..
Make a new rule called when character is cloned, and copy the code into it so when it's cloned it does that


Can you show a picture of what it looks like?


It's glitching even more than before!! :sweat: How do you get a link?


Publish it, there's something that looks like a chain link
Click that!
Then hold down and click paste in your comment!
Then unpublished the project!


Here is the link- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xx9y4v0fq



@BrilliantSunshine do you need help bc it's pretty glitchy


I know what happened!

You put X: last touch Y and Y: last touch X


Also Size needs to be Text Y position...

You put last touch Y


Oh! Wow, those were silly mistakes... :sweat_smile:
I'll give you credit, thanks so much!


You're welcome! Here's a like​:heart:️! (Ran out of likes)


I published it! Also, I didn't think you needed the extra rule, when I took the other rule out it also worked!


Ok! I just liked it by the way​:wink:


Also, in the project you wrote PixelMaster64. That's my forum name, my hopscotch name has spaces. Pixel Master 64


@PixelMaster64 Oops, do you want me to change it? Sorry!