Spider Game Jam!

For some reason the first thing that popped up in my head was Brackey’s game jam.

Don’t ask, because IDK why

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@Dakoan @Electivire @ExplodingDucks @LittleNoobyBoi @AdminCod3R @Slothy @DolphinGirl7 @990867 @Mr.Afro @Temm @RonAstern123 (I think that’s all of you)

Alright, here’s the theme. First off though, lemme clear something up. There will be seed prizes and winners. No points grading system though. First place gets 10 seeds, second 5, third 3, and everyone else gets 1. Okay.

Now, the theme. The theme is…

Everything Is

Now, I know what you’re think. “Oh, I just have to make a game where everything is something.” Wrong! Think outside the box! Use your creativity and bend the logic of this theme to create something truly cool. Here, I’ll give you an example.

There was a game jam with the theme “not there”. Arvi Teikari, one of the participants, got reminded of not operators and if statements in programming. Then he thought of a game where ice was not melting in lava due to the words “ice is not melt”. He made a simple prototype with more statements, and Baba is You was born. You should try it out, by the way.

So like I said before, think outside the box and create something imaginative and unique. You have until the end of Thursday. Then, winners will be announced the next day. Have fun, and if you have any questions, @ me.


Awesome! I’ll get to work on this.

One of my favorite games of all time :D


So the topic is ‘everything is’?


That’s the game theme. Like the luthum dare challenges, it’s open to interpretation.


I’ll compete!


Ack - I keep losing code in this one object. What the heck.

Everything is a lie?


The cake is a lie

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@Arakhnid are we allowed to remix someone else project (not from competitors) to fit the theme?

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Um, if you have their permission and show proof of it, sure.

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Great, I’ll be sure to think outside of the box. I’ll have my entry in by early Thursday (my time zone is CST).

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