Speed. That's what this topic is about. I have a request for Hopscotch, can THT add more speed?



So, I love doing pixel art. It’s just that when I show my work to my friends or family it takes a long time and that can be annoying. Does anyone else feel the same?


Make it faster.



I make trail art, and I think that the speed is maybe a little slow sometimes. If THT can, it would be great to improve the speed like they did with the maximum clone count.


For pixel art, I normally do one pen per one or two lines, and set the speed to 9999999999999X999999999999999 (I love those button things).
These help make the program run faster, but I agree with you.


The max speed is 9999.


Wow that is awesome. But I don’t really see what do you changed.


That’s an interesting fact!