Speed Affected Drawing (really simple)


Here's the project, all code is free to use. (I find it really satisfying.)

Basically, if you draw fast, the brush is wider and sketchier, and if you draw slow, the brush is finer. I'm currently working on making it smoother, feel free to make edits. It'd be cool if someone used it in a drawing pad.


That's great mate
I like it!
It's a feature worthy!


Thanks, but I wouldn't say it's feature worthy. It's actually a really simple code.


really :0 I just wanted to say, TYSM for following me! Your projects are so nice, and they're really inspiring! This seems like a cool concept though.


Ooh this is really cool!! :smiley:


Oooh I'd always wondered about code for this!! Thanks for posting this, I will check it out :smile:


I just saw the code and I think it is a cool idea! :smiley: awesome how you are experimenting with it.

(I was just thinking instead of using size as % you can now use a self variable but it makes no difference :slight_smile:)

I was playing around with it too and another idea I had was to divide the Self.size in the Wait block by a number

I remember @Valgo had a stroke draw project too

but it's a bit different in that the width is not affected by speed directly – e.g. if you draw a fast straight line, there is no variation in width

I was inspired by you and thought about it using the speed of the finger on the screen (distance ÷ time):

However the lines are very jagged and there is a spot whenever you tap the screen: