Speech bubble? Where is it?


What happens when I don't have the speech bubble?


You should probably edit ties with your email blurred. Skitch is popular, and I use PicCollage. Both of them are free photo editors.


Which speech bubble?


Thanks for the advice but I'm not sure if my Dad would let me download one of them on his iPad he likes to keep it clean which means not a lot of apps on his iPad.


I've edited your post and blacked out your email.
What do you mean by the speech bubble? I don't have one either.


there is supposed to be one next to the search tab. Maybe you get it when your trust level moves up? I don't know.


Speech bubbles MIGHT indicate if someone searches your name, topics or posts


That's now sent to your profile pic icon. It's for messages about flags and such.


Thank you! My family and I would have been in big trouble if you had not blacked out my email. I really appreciate your help! :smiley: