Specific clearing for trail arts


I just had a great idea! What if Hopscotch made the clear block so you could select the specific object you want a trail to be cleared from. There can of course also be a clear all option to, kind of like when you select what you want tapped in a “When Tapped” rule. I think this would come in handy for trail art animation, draw pads, and more! What do you think? @t1_hopscotch @Liza @Rodrigo @OMTL @admins ?


That would be kewl…
I think there’s a way to do that already, manually, but I’m not sure


there is, but it’s hard to do. It would be simpler if it was already in the clearing tool.


It would…


Yes, this would be easier, but the whole point of Hopscotch is coding, right?


No, the whole point of hopscotch isn’t to code, that’s why it’s written code in the title of hopscotch on App Store XD

I agree


??? So we are not supposed to code?


This would be cool! You could just use trails that are the same color as the background or another kind of method, but this would make it easier.


I Agree with @William04GamerA this would be cool and sooooo much easier


Yes that is the point @CreationsOfaNoob, but some people can’t get the forum and can’t always find out how to do certain things. You always could do it the hard way if you wanted.


I was ironic XD