Special Contest! (Prize will be revealed when there is a winner)


In this contest, the first 15 people to join will join. The prize is based off a project that will take a while, which will be revealed at the time of a winner. There will be 5 rounds, in which 3 people will be eliminated, until the 5th round, where 2 will. They are eliminated by 6 judges, who vote on who to be eliminated on a different topic I will make. I will choose judges when all 15 contestants have been turned in. I will tag everyone who is a judge to the judge topic when it's made, and I'm expecting for contestants to not get in the way of voting. Well, let's get this Soccer contest a movin'!!!!


3 spots left!!!

12 spots left!!!


Realy, to judge

Was born ready


@Stampys_fans so you wanna be a judge?


Wait, it has to be soccer related? If not then I wanna join.


Yep, I do!

when it comes to judge vs. Judge, may the best judge win!


Whats the contest about


I would love to be a contestant!


Can i join can it be a drawing that takes 2 hours?


Can I be a judge? I'm great with unbiased and rational decisions.


Look, there are gonna be round I haven't announced yet. The challenges are Soccer Related, but they are also Hopscotch Related. Enter to find out.


Someone do the Tags thing.


I would love. To join can I plz


@Angie as what?


What ever u want and what is the contest for like about what


@Angie Just..................


You'll see........


@Rawrbear can you do the tags thing?


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I would join but I don't wanna do soccer related things :sweat_smile::laughing:


I don't have the list, sorry! Ask @Follow4LikesOfficial