Special Characters

Add Special Characters, such as Santa Bear, Scarobo, Birthday Bear and more.

You can get these Special Characters by doing special challenges made by THT. If you complete it, you will get a special character for the reward.

There is a deadline for each special challenges, like for example: 7th October 2020. If the deadline is reached, you can no longer get it.

And also, you can share the special characters to friends that doesn’t have the character yet. This can be used to make a Character Giveaway.

You also can get a Special Character by winning a contest, either in the app, or in this forum.

And finally, a “secret character”. THT can script the project so when a sneaky little HS user changes the code so she/he can make it easier for himself/herself, the app will crash, the user cannot get any special characters anymore for, like, a year, but Mr./Ms. Sneaky Bag will get a secret character…I’d suggest their profile but with disgusting legs, and it will dissapear when the project is started.


Hmm this seems really cool! I think this might be a bit hard to implement because tht would have to design new UI for it. They then, depending on their datastore set up, either have to: A make a new key for custom characters or B change their datastore format(which, depending on whether it has versions or not could take a while)
They also have to add a new object class(or redesign the character one) and add security to stop JSON editing to be able to add characters that a user does not own in.

Some advantages are:

•They might reindex the search tool while they are at it. •It would give older users something to show off. •It would give people somewhat to stay for. Anyways, good job on coming up with this idea!

Time to do homework.


Are the special characters permanent?

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Actually, new characters and shapes were added several times, and those are extremely small modifications to the UI (even if you need a new objects category), the only new thing is the vector graphic itself.

I believe they would be; similar to custom titles, once you earn it, you don’t lose the reward, right?

You used to be able to json edit in paid characters. Plus, it’s also possible to trick Hopscotch into thinking you have the subscription as well (not easily, Plus the format is weird)… and how would remixes of those projects work?

I’m not trying to say that JSON editing these characters should be allowed, but JSON data is just data. You can’t really prevent that from occurring.

Here's why

If you want to still allow modification of JSON for other means:

Unless you set up a server-side thing that assigns special characters only to certain projects, then anyone can still mirror the JSON code from a project that is published with that character. Plus the whole remix bar thing, so that could be stolen anyways.

Even if the server-side thing existed, a remix without the remix bar could just be made.

If you disable JSON editing altogether

Knowing how THT is open about its source code, they would not do this, but if they did, R.I.P. the modding community and my shortcut.

Yeah, and this topic will probably last a week or two…


uhh yes

And im thinking of an expiration thingy where if the “deadline” is “reached”, you can no longer get the special characters if you complete them. Im also thinking of sharing the characters, because new HS users might be jealous, and the remix icon in the project kinda…s.ucks.

Might as well add that.


Yesss we need to have shadow spiders idea implemented where there’s a drop down tab. Most of the art pads used aren’t your own: their someone else’s. The remix tab blocks a whole lot of amazing art/code
Also the character share idea should be added into that

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Maybe like trading that would be cool.


Wow this still stands? I am proud.

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Original? I used to be GameCodingCrazy123 on here




Good thing I still remember that, GCC.

This is cool, but we should get some subscriber/seed characters soon


we already have some, you can’t add custom images if you are not subscribed/have seeds


Yes, but there will be sub characters from THT

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