Sparkle coins! (Currency)✨

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☆Sparkle coins!☆

I made a currency called sparkle coins! You can buy them, earn them through competitions, and buy stuff with them.
☆Buy Sparkle coins☆

Vote here for 20 free sparkle coins
  • I want 20 free sparkle coins!

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1 sparkle coin is equal to one seed so
:seedling: 5 seeds :heavy_equals_sign: :sparkles: 5 sparkle coins

:seedling: 10 seeds :heavy_equals_sign: :sparkles: 10 sparkle coins

:seedling: 15 seeds :heavy_equals_sign: :sparkles: 15 sparkle coins
And you get the picture.
☆Buy with Sparkle coins☆
Website requests
Price: :sparkles: 25 Sparkle Coins
Time: :clock2: 1-2 weeks

Form for website

What you want the categories to be (five maximum):
What you want it to say in the categories:
Category #1:
Category #2:
Category #3:
Category #4:
Category #5:
Anything else:

Any specific colours:

Sprite requests
Price: :sparkles:15 Sparkle Coins
Time: :clock2: 1day- 1 week

Form for sprites

What you want it to look like:

Shape art requests!
Price: :sparkles:30 Sparkle coins
Time: :clock11:1-2 weeks

Form for shape art

What it is of:


@Mouldycheese8 |30
@Tri-Angle |30
@FearlessPhoenix |30
@RoadOcean |30
@Dolphin_Blast |30
@DogIcing |30
@PM_Studios |30
@Cutedogs1Forum |30
@moocow |20
@C.H.Rissole |20
@HRR1213 |20
@MooseCat |20
@Dragongirl1264 |20
@SEPIA |20
@Bluvi |30
@Viridescence |20
@William04GamerA |20
@Babyhorse3000 |20
@Octo-Pi |20
@creationsofavillager |20
@SoaringOstrich56722 |20
@RainbellaDonut |20
@StarlightStudios |20
@Dragongirl1264 |10
@Cutelittlepuppydog |10
@Friday |10


  • I want 10 free sparkle coins added on to my total!

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@avocados_and_cheese you can add 10 more sparkle coins now for 10 days!


As a celebration for the summer, you can now buy….
Shape art requests!
For 30 sparkle coins!
And, that’s not all……

Every time you buy an item, you get 10 free sparkle coins to say thank you! Yay!


When will I get my free 20 sparkle coins (I did the first poll)??


I know I missed the second poll but can I still get 10 extra added to my total?


Oh sorry I’ll add them now

Thankyou , @Mouldycheese8.


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