Spark Art Club!



i am creating an art club!! challenges will be posted here every few days, and you can do them on paper or hopscotch, just post it here. just reply with an example of your art to join. (all styles welcome, all are welcome, just as long as you act as a part of the club.) thank you!!



I drew that!


Ok I will what's ur hopscotch name because I'm on there more than the forum so I could contact u through there


,!!....@Sparkczy :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Wait didn't @Glitter_Kitty draw that?


You know me to provide uncorrect information!


Wot do you mean??????????????????


I lyed basically


do you like mine? U could even use the eye as a logo!


May I join @Sparkczy? This looks AWESOME!

Here's a couple examples of my art:


Me join!


Sorry i just wanted to post a potato :smiling_imp:


May I please join? I'm awesome at manga/anime!


Can I join?


Yeah I drew that!! That is my sketchbook and desk.
Can I join @Sparkczy? My example is the one @Stampys_fans put up. He stole my drawing.


May I join?



I was telling the truth I did this afterwards
without the 2!


Thats the drawing you did of me! :grinning:


Everyone was accepted, but Stampys_fans was not as he stole art from Glitter_Kitty.


@Sparkczy cool! Thanks! :+1::+1::+1: