@sparckczy and @bluedogmc-official's chat room for collab!


Ok! @Sparkczy, we can start talking about this collab here! Also, @Bubbles4Ever929 is our advertiser, and she could help with design a little if she wants!


Ok, so I have school and sports everyday in the week, so sorry if I don't reply right away! I'm on whenever I can bea, I also go to bed at nine or nine thirty!


I'm so glad you chose me! I'm totally blown away. Okay, so we'll swap drafts, good... Um, yeah!


Yah! I was thinking we could plan the game, talk about the characters and the dimension, and stuff like that before we actually start the code. Any ideas? (Usually I would be asleep right now, but I'm staying up late tonight)


Yeah! So, the dimension. What colors should we use?


I was thinking a mystical, purple, dark world. I don't want unicorns and stuff like that, more like mysterious characters! Idk tho. What do you think? We also need a name for the dimension!


Yeah! That sounds good, I think. Maybe the characters could be two best friends, a boy and a girl? And you can choose which one to play as?


Yes, I like that! Do you think we should have a designated boy and girl, or just two characters with neutral names, and you can choose either one to play as. No mention of genders!


Yeah! Like Undertale! Names like... Riley and Carson! Or something like that.


RYes! I've never played undertale tho! Gtg to bed now!


Ok, sleep well. Sorry if that was creepy!


Ok, so I had some ideas!
Instead of just a choose your adventure game, I want it to be more hands on. Not just choosing a path, but solving puzzles, meeting the characters, etc. what do you think?


I also made a world and character design. Hers the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xxymmtg6g
This is just a rough draft, so feel free to change it completely.


Looks awesome! I'll work on it later.