Spanish in hopscotch


Hopscotch just doesnt have enough spanish. Spanish is the second most known language throughout the world, and will be the first some day. So, we decide we will put out spanish animations for you guys so you know spanish, maybe even impress your family with it!
¡Buenos Dias!
¡Me Famílía!


Cool! :)

But you have a lot of advertisements for your projects, you should make a topic for all of them :D


I have, i used mass tag as well, it didnt work. Lol.


Well then, you should put this on that topic :D


Nah, spanish deserves a special place, dont you think?


Not really. We don't what to clog up the forum with all these topic :)


Perhaps you dont understand that in 2050 or so only 0.5% will speak english, and 93.2% spanish, and a bunch of other languages we dont need to mention.


Cool projects! :D
Welcome back!


That isn't what he means, lol. He just means that you are making a lot of topics about this/advertising this a lot.


No, I didn't know that. But I'm saying that we shouldn't clog the forum with these topics :D


Actually, most Americans should be learning French.

The majority of US exports are to French-speaking countries like Canada, and most of Africa has French as a native language. Many citizens of Louisiana also speak French!

Because the US does business with so many French-speaking countries, it would be a good idea to learn French if you're going into business.

Also, out of all the Romance languages (which includes Spanish), French is the most similar language to English. That means (a) French won't be as difficult to learn as Spanish, and (b) learning French can improve your English pronunciation and grammar skills!

To respond to your fact about Spanish being the second-most common language, that's actually irrelevant. If we go by first languages, you're looking at Mandarin Chinese as the most common first language. Really, looking at the statistics, we should all be taking Chinese right now.

Your other comment about the majority of the world speaking Spanish in a short thirty-four years is also invalid. This is a prediction, likely attributed to the fact that so many schoolchildren in America are taking Spanish as their language elective. Even more children around the world are taking English, because somehow these countries feel the need to be able to communicate with us.

Finally, Hopscotch is a diverse community. It shouldn't matter to a coding community which language we speak. We need to keep an open mind and accept all cultures, not just English and Hispanic.

Don't take any of this against you; it's just my debate instinct and my love of French taking over. Salut!


I just read the first sentence to dat cuz it was WAYYY to long for meh x3
But good point. but I want Spanish cuz I'm Spanish!


She said hola como estas, she said konichwa


Nice speech! Even though I can't speak French. I'm pretty good at speaking in Spanish, though.


Same x3 But my mom knows a bit french


Actually, you'd be wrong as English is the international language which many people know or are learning. Because english is the international language, many schools (outside of english speaking countries) have full emersion in the English language, meaning half of their day is spoken in their own official language while the other half is spoken only in English. Most, if not all, airlines require their flight attendants to be able to speak English so they can communicate with their passengers. Therefore, in 30 or so years, I don't believe all English speakers will forget how to speak english.

Have you ever wondered why the speakers in the Olympics always translate whatever they're saying into English? Or in major competitions? This is because even if the audience does not know the countries language in which the competition is held, most will still understand English. With all of this in mind, I really don't think in 30 years that most will forget how to speak English, leaving only 0.5% of the world understanding this important language. Sure, maybe more people will understand Spanish, but more people will also learn English. Currently, around 2 billion people know English. Adding to that, 106 major countries have English as their official or secondary language while only 35 countries speak Spanish. In the next following years, only more people will be able to communicate in this global language.


Nice speech, Kiwi!!


That is correct, but Spanish will soon be the top spoken language in the world.


Wait did i say english was the international language? Woops, xD


English is the international language according to legit every website.