Spamtagging Situation


I keep getting tagged randomly when I’m not being tagged. So, it says in my notifications I am getting tagged by @HelloIAmYourNewFren on many topic when they haven’t tagged me! In total I have been apparently ‘tagged’ by them 64 time?! Whats going on? @Ana


They’re an alt that’s been spamtagging.
We’ve deleted the posts and are in the process of banning the user
Just ignore it

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A spam.mer happened

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Hi! We have had a problem with a user that was spamtagging others. You can´t see the posts because we have deleted them, aka moving them to our trash topic.

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Question solved. Ignore this for now.
Not clivecating in case anyone else is wondering.

They got banned for harassment (thanks Jazz) so problem solved pretty much. Now y’all just ignore the notifs