Spammi⁣ng and trolling reminder

I feel like the whole forum needs a reminder on forum rules and guidelines due to excessive sp_m and trolling. I also have an idea to stop new users making sp_m and give them tips on how to use the forum. Today, me and many other people encountered a user named HelloyouaremyFren. He/she (we don’t know gender, they have been banned) kept posting the same thing, tagging omtl, pomtl and Leaders with every post. By the time they were stopped, most people had gotten over 50 notifications.
So, as a quick reminder, here are some of the simple forum rules

  1. No alts. You have one account on the forum. Please don’t make any alts or impersonate someone. You can get banned or suspended for this.

  2. No sp_m. Do not post excessively or post things completely unrelated to the forum or the app.

  3. Be nice. No mocking or being mean to people.

  4. DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION! I put this in bold because it is so important. Don’t tell people your surname, where you live or anything like that to people on the forum.

To end, I have a pretty simple idea to add to the forum to benefit new users. @Ana, @Jazz. We should create a new user group that new users to the forum are automatically added to when they create an account on the forum. They would be in this group for at least 2 weeks, and then they would get the option to leave it. This group could be tagged when discussing the community guidelines etc.
That’s my idea and reminder. Plz tell me what you think of it below!




That user group is kinda technically a thing already.

And you don’t really need to make a whole topic restating the community guidelines.
New users are directed to the guidelines and new user guides anyway so they see it anyway.
And that was not a new user, it was an alt. Most new users are fine and they don’t really need this


Keep this respectful and do not call out specific users or anything.

Is that clear?

It’s very clear m8


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Thank much for reminding!



Also, speaking of this topic, I don’t think EVERYONE is following the rules of sp_mming

This is complete and honest proof
Some of these ‘new hopscotchers’ are sp_mming and there’s someone called It’sJazzy_HS who may be impersonating Jazz, the HS Leader. And they were also sp_mming. I have more proof of them, too.


Was there spam while I was away? I have a ton of notifications! From someone that has now disappeared!


I just got the 80+ notifs after the spam 12hrs ago


It was something to witness. He/ She was tagging pomtl, omit and the leaders and writing this message is brought to you by d I s c o r d: unban Kitty4U and then tagging discobot


Notifications 14 hours ago, I left the forum 13 hours ago… idk

Let’s not talk about that ya know…


Yeah that happened yesterday I got like 5 notices every 10 seconds