Spam projects are a thing now



this user is telling you to like, follow, and repost. this is a terrible idea.


I just read that.

It creeped me out a bit... I mean a lot, at first. @Kiwicute2016 can you take a look at this?


This is a mean person. This is not going to happen. But I do have a hater and I don't know if he is going to spam with hate projects, I recommend reporting them.


That's horrible! I hope it gets taken down.


this is just ridicolous. Spam projects are never to be taken seriously. Just report them, and move on.


It's kinda creepy but I meen no one should BELIVE this weird thing just report!


So hopscotch turned into youtube comments


Chain mail... Don't worry about these because they aren't true! Just report these projects!


:pensive: so hopscotch is becoming like YouTube


how awful and creepy have any of you seen the kiss your hand and youll find a ipad mini under your pillow


is that all he/she wrote


for the haters I say haters going to hate hate hate hate hate



thx for the visual picture @Stick88 I love pusheen!! mind if I use that ?


or could you get more? :grinning:


Just go here!


how do you save the image


Hold down the photo and click save image :wink:


:sob:[im on a computer}


I saw that one... My "friends" write horrible chain mail, and they scare me until I start crying...