Spam Liking Nominations 😛


So...ever felt that someone deserves a million likes because of how awesome they are? We'll have no fear, because this topic is here!
I have no idea why I just wrote that...

So, here you can basically tag someone and say why they deserve more likes. I searched before I posted, but if you know a topic like this feel free to tell me :smiley:
I look forward to spam-liking people!


Awesome idea!
Let's all go spamlike ChocolateFox




Awwwww ty :blush:




tag list



EVERYONE!!!!! XD lol everyone deserves it!


not me pleez k


k I won't :3


I "won't" XD
really I won't


I nominate @KVJ muahahahahha


Who wants to spam like FeatherDance? S/he's quite new and makes great projects.


If anyone nominates me again I will Komplek them.

This Topik is For Those Who Deserve More Likes.

I already have the most thanks to a certain Hop



I wonder who that could be?

No idea at all


So who should we spam like now XD


I'll just be spam liking Maltese XD


My nominees:


You know, one day I woke up to the forum with 217 notifications and I thought, "Wow, so many replies!" And then I realized they were all likes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don't you hate it when you have like only 5 notifs and they're all likes?


Yes. But if it's 15+ likes, I love it. :heart_eyes_cat:


I nominate @HappyPerson
She was so nice to me when I first joined :heart: